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​In a world of algorithms, hashtags, and followers, know the true importance of

Human Connection

About Becky

Sometimes there is no perfect elevator pitch to describe a person with so many things that bring them joy..  but at her core, connecting with people is Becky’s true passion.

Becky has been practicing and studying Numerology for over 17 years. She was first introduced to the concept of Numerology through her husband David, for whom the passion and study evolved over time. 


She has a burning desire to share her knowledge with others who want more out of their own lives. Through numerology she will teach you the intricate details that will aid you in your communication with others and, more importantly, unlock your inner self. Becky has studied diligently through the teachings of the masters on the subject. She believes we are all students in life and that we should never stop learning. She is a graduate of spiritual awareness and awakening training and most recently has trained with Esther Hicks and Abraham. In addition, Becky earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science. Understanding the science and the "why" behind various phenomena is at the core of her being.


Over the years, Becky has applied all that she's studied and learned to design what she calls the "Name Game." The Name Game combines the principles of Numerology and the Science of Characteristics to create a simple formula of assessing names and the vibration that each letter brings. This is another tool for your mindfulness toolbox, a resource for personal development and a way to better understand yourself and those around you. Becky created Meraki4Life to assist others in constructing a life full of light, joy and happiness!

Enhance youR 
Life with Numerology

Numerology is the study of the relationship that numbers and letters have with our personality and life events. It comes from the ancient metaphysical science that reveals the blueprint of every human being's life, and it is one of the most accurate and powerful self-help tools available today. 

Meraki4Life offers engaging workshops in which you learn how to discover the "why" in your journey to Earth, to truly live out your life's purpose, and to thoroughly enjoy and understand the people around you. 

Discover what may be stopping you from reaching and attaining your dreams.  Jump in to begin removing the blocks that are holding you back from enjoying true happiness.


"Be prepared to open your mind and come face to face with the different areas in your life where you are succeeding and struggling. Becky will give you the tools to build your life in the direction you have always envisioned."

— Sabrina Vaillancourt
LRSquared LLC

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Yoga at Home

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The group dynamic is great. I couldn't stop thinking about all that we covered every week, very exciting! Most importantly I recommend this course because of what I have learned, it has positively impacted my life and improved my understanding of my valuable relationships. Using these concepts had been an eye opening experience.

— Shelley
St. Lukes Hospital 

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