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5 Week Divining your Destiny Workshop

These workshops are 2-hour sessions, held weekly, over the course of 5 weeks. This training encompasses much more than just finding out your numbers. You will gain a deep understanding of the practical side of Numerology, focused on finding pure joy, realizing your life purpose, and connecting with others. You will examine the vibrations of letters and numbers to help you tune in to your surroundings, and help connect on a deeper level. Not only will you learn more about yourself and the people you love and work with, but you will also gain insight into ways to communicate with them in a more profound way. Life is meant to be enjoyed, by knowing the energy within your DOB and Birth name you are able to navigate your life's purpose and path. We use letters and numbers to describe the energy and characteristics of this human experience.  We dive deeper into your habits, and beliefs and how to elevate your vibration to live your best life. Enhancing your life journey is our passion, we hope you join us on this ride. 

These 5 weeks will be full of fun, creativity, insight, and learning! We will meet in person at the heart of BOISE, ID or through ZOOM. Our classroom settings are intimate, set in a unique and fresh location.  Becky usually adds her personal touch to every class with something she's created. All of the information shared among you and your classmates is private and is to be kept confidential. We ask that you uphold this standard of confidentiality when reflecting upon and sharing your workshop experience.  

 5 weekly sessions (2 hours each) 
10-12 people/class maximum

No upcoming events at the moment

Looking to bring numerology to your business?

Meraki4Life Business Workshops are ideal for employers looking to build a team, hire people for a specific position/projects, or energize an existing team that needs a boost of reengagement. Meraki4Life works closely with Leaders and owners to enhance their business culture. Leaders are connected to their team and understand the employee flow.  They can then take the tools learned to empower their employees and build company strength from the inside out!  Just by knowing someone's name you can find out their driving force with work, inner desires and how to place someone in a position so that they are at their best.  The power within your name will help gain employee retention, connection, team building, and a sense of unity within your business. Becky encourages owners to take the four week workshops first, then asses your company needs to design a plan that's right for your TEAM.  

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