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Everything in life is vibration

-Albert Einstein

What is

Numerology, the study of the relationship and significance that numbers and letters have, has been around for thousands of years. Numbers are considered to be a powerful symbolic expression that affects all aspects of nature, technology and the divine.


Everything in this world has a numerical relationship, and once you know the basics, there is no big secret to using the founding principles to determine the powerful vibration that numbers and their corresponding letters carry. Finding your number is simple, and what Becky teaches is an approach that helps make this information practical by decoding names and the meaningful vibrations they carry. 

Resources: Western Pythagorean Chart


What can Numerology do For you?

Meraki4Life offers engaging workshops that will guide you through discovering the "why" in your journey to Earth and how to truly live out your life's purpose. Step into the playground of connecting with yourself and understanding people around you.


Numbers and letters carry a vibration, both positive and negative, and that vibration permeates our everyday life, from how we interact with others to how we feel about ourselves. 


Becky has mastered using Numerology and the Name Game in her everyday life and has applied these concepts to everything from working with large-scale companies to analyzing relationships with her family and close friends. Using this process allows you to see through a different lens in order to understand how the vibration of your name connects and interacts with the vibrations of other people.  

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Upcoming Workshops!

Learn techniques that guide you through understanding your Life Path number, Destiny number, Personality number and Karmic number. These workshops encompass more than just finding out your numbers. You will learn about yourself and others, and how to communicate on a deeper level. 

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Bring Meraki4Life
 to your business!

Apply the concepts of Numerology and the energy within your company to grow your business, hire new employees, create strong teams, settle office conflict, and help employees reach their highest potential. Whether it's a group effort or a one-on-one session, putting these tools to work in your business will enhance every aspect of success.

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